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Aggregate, Analyze, Act

Build valuable data products and enable your clients to unlock actionable business insights.

Data Collection

QuantHub offers powerful no-code tools for a configurable, automated and reproducible bulk data ingestion regardless of its origin or format.

Powered by SDMX 3.0, you can effectively handle large volumes of both micro and macro data and leverage rich metadata capabilities to describe virtually every figure to the end user.

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Bulk Data Ingestion

Collect data from multiple sources, including internal repositories and local data files, government and NGO registries, statistical agencies' databases, external data provider APIs (such as Bloomberg), SDMX APIs and others. Enjoy a flexible and automated parsing and mapping of your data. 

Full Support of Survey and Census

QuantHub offers full-scale support for surveys and polls of any complexity. Leverage a powerful Survey Module to create survey forms that work on any device with conditional flows to collect microdata and metadata across internal and external organizations.

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Data Engineering

Engineer valuable data products through digital transformations of any complexity that leverage statistical methodologies, perform data quality validations or uncover hidden data insights and relationships.

Refer to Data Engineering to learn more


Develop data/metadata transformations of any complexity using embedded Python or Java scripting environment with integrated IDE for debugging.

Validations and Data Quality

Rich data profiling and validation capabilities based on validation scripting enable you to identify patterns of any complexity with full access to metadata.


Analyze data with the full power of MS Excel or Python using MS Excel Add-in and Jupyter Notebook integrations.

Procces Automation

Automate every step of a data product generation lifecycle with an industry-leading BPM tool.

Pipelines Managment

Ingest, transform and publish data in an automated and configurable fashion with full visibility into each step of the data lineage.

Math and Statistical Library

Leverage the built-in (hence extendible) library of advanced forecasting, smoothing, cross-frequency and other statistical functions to speed up transformation scripting development.

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Data Dissemination

Distribute the insights of your data through multiple channels, including web Portals, APIs, data download and integrations with powerful third-party tools.

Refer to Data Dissemination to learn more


QuantHub Portal is configured to match your brand identity and lets you publish data products to a wide audience. Through a powerful search, users discover what they are looking for with pinpoint accuracy.

Power BI Integration

Create data-driven stories, insightful reports and intuitive visualizations with a dominant BI tool your users know and love using.

MS Excel Add-in

MS Excel Add-in lets users find, integrate and interactively update relevant data into their MS Excel spreadsheets.

Analytical Tools

Embedded advanced reporting and analytical tools help you gain insight to make more informed decisions.


Industry-standard API that gives developers full flexibility to leverage data from any tool of their choosing.


Publish all parts of a data product (data, visualizations, etc.) at once with full compliance with public dissemination requirements: embargo, security, scalability, and performance.

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Data Governance

Democratize access to trusted data and analytics across your organization while fully complying with your data policies.

Refer to Data Governance to learn more

Data Entitlement

Gain the most granular access control to your data and structure artifacts. Rule-based data access on a dataset, time-series and observation levels to support practically any combined company-wide and external data policies.


Our software is designed with data security in mind following OWASP and CIS standards. Data encryption is guaranteed both at rest and in transit.

Lineage and Audit

Track where data comes from, who changed it, and how and why it changed on its journey through the system.

PII Compliance

Detect, redact and replace Personally Identifiable Information to safely share data while safeguarding customer trust.

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Data Product Lifecycle Management

Collect data from your local and external providers, analyze, transform and validate, then package it into a data product to deliver the insightful story to your end user.

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Data Product Dissemination

Convey data insights through multiple dissemination channels that optimally interact with your diverse audience: public users, BI/data analysts, data scientists, and software developers among many others.

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Enterprise Data Catalog

Accelerate the onboarding of data from external sources and combine it with internal datasets to provide uniform access for data discovery, analysis, and integration.

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Survey Based Data Product

QuantHub is an ideal end-to-end solution for whatever microdata you want to survey and package into a data product, be it a national census or company hardware inventory.

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We have even more features!

Why QuantHub?

SDMX and Data Versioning

QuantHub's native support of the SDMX 3.0 information model combined with the ability to version data changes, results in an unparalleled benefit of having data transparency, comparability, coherence and accessibility.


Collaborate using team workspaces allowing you to isolate, detect and merge changes to system artifacts between workspaces.

Microdata Management

Build and manage microdata-driven, large volume datasets with the platform that scales, enables data aggregation and complies with PII regulations.

Metadata Management

QuantHub provides unlimited flexibility in enriching your data with the necessary metadata of any granularity to deliver the required level of description to your end users.