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Collaboration and Teamwork

Organize and streamline your teamwork when creating a data product with QuantHub Workspaces.  

Enjoy collaboration and, at the same time, the freedom to make isolated changes without interfering with other teams.

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We have deployed a concept of Workspaces to empower collaboration when working on data products and apply data governance best practices through versioning, lineage, dependency tracing, and rollback.


Workspaces allow multiple people to work on the same product in an isolated mode and apply their changes to the main dataset as needed, using in-house tools to compare dataset states and resolve conflicts.


Role-based access to workspaces allows for a granular split of work and responsibilities among team members.

Global Product Catalog

Share the results of your work (data and structured artifacts) with others by publishing it in the Global Product Catalog. Assets in this catalog are available to other teams, based on entitlements, who can use them to create new data products or for data analysis.

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