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Survey Based Data Product

QuantHub is a one-stop shop if your goal is to create data products based on surveys. You can run and manage survey campaigns starting from simple questionaries all the way to nationwide censuses.

QuantHub functionality enables you to safely store, process, and deliver data to the target audience in real time.

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Create Powerful Surveys

Our powerful Survey Module allows the creation of paperless surveys that work on all devices and supports any custom logic, diverse data formats, logical operations, branching, pagination and more. QuantHub also offers tools to manage and monitor your survey campaign execution.

Data Protection

QuantHub's data protection policy follows best industry-standard practices and is compliant with international data protection protocols such as GDPR. We take personal information seriously and support anonymization and integration with third-party authentication service providers.

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Store and Process Data

All the raw data collected from questionaries is automatically mapped on the standard SDMX format and inserted directly into the dedicated dataset, ready for further processing and analysis.

Visit SDMX to learn more about data modeling.


Our data registry features all the necessary tools to aggregate, transform, store, and process your data safeguarding its protection and integrity.

Visit Enterprise Data Catalog to learn more. 

Deliver in Real-Time

Portal is a powerful solution allowing to build and publish interactive, data-driven websites to communicate real-time data to a wide audience. Leverage powerful dashboards, reports, and the query engine to convey valuable insights, deliver datasets, create data-rich publications, news releases, and more.

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