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QuantHub leverages the full power of SDMX 3.0 to work with large volumes of microdata and offers functional tools to effectively aggregate, store and disseminate data supporting industry-standard data protection workflows.

Working with microdata may be quite challenging and demand specific expertise in various areas. QuantHub offers a full-scale solution starting from creating and running census all the way to microdata engineering and dissemination.

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Handle Large Volumes of Data

Collect new or import existing datasets into the system. Effectively handle extensive volumes of heterogeneous data. Automate data ingestion from basically any external source and use powerful tools to model and process it to fit your specific targets.

Refer to Data Collection to learn more about the ways you can ingest data.

Build Powerful Surveys

Leverage a powerful integration with Survey Module allowing to create and run census of any logic or complexity. Create paperless surveys that work on all devices and support any custom logic, diverse data formats, logical operations, branching, pagination and more.

Refer to Survey Based Data Product to learn more.

Sophisticated Data Modeling

Model your microdata properly with the support of multiple measures, allowing you to analyze multiple observations and uncover complex data relationships. Create and manage master and metadata for microdata analysis and interpretation.

Refer to SDMX to learn more.

Security and Protection

Contrary to aggregates, microdata has a high level of PII exposure and requires extra data protection measures. Collect and handle your data in a secure way with the support of industry-standard PII practices and workflows.

Refer to Data Governance to learn more.
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