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Data Product Dissemination

QuantHub is an end-to-end solution for businesses that require the distribution of data insights to a wide audience (data scientists, journalists, economists, public users, etc.) through a diverse range of dissemination channels be it either APIs, data-driven websites, or any other.

Publish data products that are fully compliant with public dissemination requirements such as embargo, security, scalability, and performance.

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Publish Your Data

Any dataset in your repository can be automatically published on a website called Portal and made available in an interactive mode to your audience with rich data discovery and visualization capabilities.

Visit Data Collection to learn how you can aggregate data in QuantHub and create structured datasets.

Build Data-Rich Websites

With our powerful Content Management System, you create and manage data-driven Portals without any programming required.


Use pre-configured templates to create various types of publications, leverage our integration with Power BI to create state-of-the-art dashboards based on your datasets and seamlessly import them into your publications on the Portal.

Visit Dissemination to learn more about data Portals.

Export Data to External Systems

Make your data available via open SDMX API to leverage data analysis in the environment of your choice.

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Boost User Experience

Enable your audience to browse, bookmark, and share datasets. Configure Portals to meet your brand identity and deliver a seamless user experience.

Empower Data Analysis

Unlock the full potential of data analysis using our MS Excel add-in or convey your data stories through sophisticated Power BI dashboards – both are supported out of the box.

Visit Dissemination to learn more about data dissemination options.
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