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Learning and Training

Having an effective software adoption and knowledge transfer plan in place ensures that businesses get the most out of the software investment.

Adoption of new enterprise software may require extensive and in-depth knowledge of a complex technology stack, specific skillset, or intelligence to be able to effectively operate and support it.

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Full-Scale Professional Support

With that in mind, we offer our partners professional learning and training services to streamline product adoption and ensure knowledge transfer across the entire organization.

User Adoption Strategy

A dedicated team of professional trainers and subject-matter experts who have been closely involved in the design, implementation, and deployment of the system, will elaborate an individual software adoption plan.


This approach will ensure an efficient knowledge transfer to the trainees, sustained adoption of a new platform, and direct end-user feedback collection & analysis.

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We assess each case to develop the best knowledge transfer scenario. An individual learning and training strategy will be developed to tackle the specific use case of each client.

Full-scale learning and training sessions will be conducted for each stakeholder/user group such as end-users, system administrators, developers, DevOps and others.

We provide all the necessary learning materials including but not limited to scripts, guides, interactive tutorials, video materials, runbooks, checklists and more. Learning sessions may include lectures, repeat-after-me exercises and other practical exercises, homework assignments, Q&A sessions with SMEs, and more.

Group leads will define learning and training scope, conduct sessions, collect feedback, and make sure trainees get the necessary knowledge and skills in the most effective way.


Train the Trainer is a special learning and training strategy with the goal to help a company acquire specific knowledge and skills to be able to own and share it within itself without external support.


Selected trainees, "company champions", will receive in-depth knowledge, acquire experience, develop skills, and get the necessary materials to be nominated Trainers. Trainers can then pass on the knowledge and skills to other employees in the organization. During learning sessions, selected trainees, "company champions", will receive in-depth knowledge, experience, and materials to be nominated with a role of a Trainer to support the Train-The-Trainer approach to delivering the content across your organization.

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Own the knowledge, training skills, and materials to share and reproduce learning and training sessions as needed.

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Scale distribution of knowledge and skills from a small group of trainers across the entire organization.

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Your trainers are business insiders with a thorough knowledge of the domain.

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