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Data Governance

QuantHub adheres to data governance best practices and workflows so that your data processes are fully compliant with company-wide and/or any external data policies.

With built-in capabilities such as lineage, audit, data entitlement and PII protection, data stewards have all the right instruments to reliably democratize data across the enterprise, without losing control.

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One of the key features of QuantHub with respect to data storage is the ability to store datasets with the history of changes made to data and structure artifacts. This means that you are not limited to the latest state of the data and structure artifacts but could also retrieve a specific AS-OF state at any moment in time.


Versioning offers data owners the flexibility to decide when to incorporate changes to structure artifacts into their data product production lifecycle.

Lineage and Audit

Versioning of data structure artifacts and referential dependency tracing enables data lineage that explains data changes in terms of changes to structure artifacts or transformation logic used to generate this data.


All actions of all users are recorded, which allows you to track the history of any adjustment to data or data structure to determine who and why performed a specific modification.


Gain the most granular access control to your data and structure artifacts. Support practically any company-wide and external data policies and regulations with rule-based access to a dataset on time-series and observation levels.


QuantHub offers tools (such as anonymization, de-personalization, and access restriction) to safely handle Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and build proper processes around it in compliance with GDPR or other regulations.

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