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Data Engineering

QuantHub includes powerful functionality for business scenarios requiring digital transformations of data products starting from basic calculations all the way to complex statistical and mathematical functions.

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Programmable Data Transformations

Develop your custom dataset transformation scripts using the full power of Python. Such transformations can be reusable and shared among projects.


QuantHub comes with a built-in library of mathematical and statistical functions enabling advanced forecasting, smoothing, cross-frequency, and more.


Integration with web IDE makes it easier to develop, test, and debug your Python code.

Transformation Pipelines

Transformations can be grouped in chains that form pipelines supporting transaction-bound, scheduled, or triggered execution modes.


Automate every step of a data product generation lifecycle with industry-leading BPM tools like Power Automate.

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Data Validation Framework

QuantHub brings data quality assurance to the next level. Besides traditional data quality rules, validation scripts are deployed to identify complex patterns and ensure data integrity.

Data quality assurance procedures can be automated/semi-automated and seamlessly integrated into your data production workflow.

Data Analysis Tools

While engineering your data, you can use built-in powerful data analysis tools (Reporting Desk, Analytical Studio) to visualize, slice and dice it to uncover hidden data insights and relationships.

Analyze data with the full power of MS Excel or Python using MS Excel Add-in and Jupyter Notebook integrations.

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